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can we talk about this?

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Last year I wrote a lot of noise. It felt like I was writing from an undigested, frustrated place, a very shouty place. No doubt some of what I was writing valid, however it was often fuelled by emotion that was unrelated to the subject matter. Often what I was really pissed off about was to do with a conversation I wasn’t having or a situation I wasn’t facing from beyond the kingdom of my […]

from a quiet place

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Conscious Eating Experiment

I have been asked a couple of times if I am still writing, and looking at my blog I realise that I haven’t posted anything since February 2017. In fact I wrote a huge amount last year, but I couldn’t finish many of the pieces partly as they all felt like noise, noise in a noisy year. 16/17 on the global, national and individual stages felt to me emotional, unbelievable, shouty; full of fire and […]