there is no dragon

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Maybe at some point, and by God I hope it’s soon, we will realise there is no: ‘us and them.’

There is simply us.

I think the ‘us and them’ reaction to everything from foreign policy to climate change is actually one that in some way offers comfort. If there is a bad guy, some monstrous, big business, factory belching toxic gas, fat cat, drug baron, gun toting, redneck, fundamentalist THEM out there…then THEY are the ones we need to battle with, to fight, to bring to their pin-striped suited, bigoted, misogynist knees while we stand victorious over them, like some modern day George and the mother-fucking, virgin-stealing Dragon.

Or something.

 (I always felt a bit sorry for the dragon to be honest.)

There is no dragon.

There is just ‘us’ – human beings, with all our guilt, our greed our desire to control, our hunger for power, our weakness for shiny things, our twisted, repressed desires, our sweetness, compassion, grief, our deep unheard longing, our fear, our loneliness. Our love.

Think about it. It’s not a comfortable thought. But it is a starting point – to be continued…

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